Tuesday, 16 August 2011


If you feel does not fit in melakoni sex then you should not be forced. tipsnya this is by refusing sexual relations with her husband subtly

If you feel sick each sex, means that there is cause, the cause may be physical or psychological. Sure to know what the cause. Through proper evaluation and examination will be known the pain it causes.

Some physical causes, among others, there is no reaction of the vagina and inveksi pelendiran
on the genitals or surrounding areas. May also perlendiran vaginal sexual arousal does not occur because you are blocked. Another cause of disillusionment among the psychic's husband, sexual ketidakpuasa before, and stress.

Before the pain is gone, you should not have sexual relations. If circumstances had allowed Teru psychosexual trauma you will experience worse. Today was actually due to the trauma you've experienced it, so afraid of each going to bed, afraid of her husband demanded sex.

There is no way other than doing the following steps: 1) dare to explain to the husband that you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, and should receive treatment, 2) explain to the husband, in this state you should not have sex, 3) ask for your understanding husband that rejection is not means will not fulfill its obligations as a wife, but to talk due to worse, 4) be further consultation to experts.

Do not wait any longer. The longer allowed, even worse that you will experience. That is, will arise from the sexual life worse for you and your husband.

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