Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Malaysian school girl earns over $10,000 from selling body

WHILE other students went to the arcade during their holidays - she sold her body.
A secondary school student in Malaysia made 30,000 ringgit ($12,200) by prostituting herself during the year-end school break in 2010, reported Malaysian newspaper China Press.
The student from Kuala Lumpur allegedly charged customers 250 ringgit to 800 ringgit each time so that she could indulge in luxury items.
"I have sex at least five times a day. However, I take a week's break each month," she told the China Press.
She said that she cut down on her sexual activities this year to concentrate on her Malaysian Certificate of Education exam - an equivalent to the GCE O Level exam.
The newspaper also reported that the girl was among many students who used Facebook to sell their body and buy luxury items.
Another student admitted that she listed her sex service on a website to earn money to buy an iPhone.
The paper passed on the information it had gathered on the sex service to the Johor police.
Most of them were from Johor Baru, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The police said they would investigate the matter.

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