Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Senior Men Junior High School Four Times Cabuli

Liputan6.com, Wonogiri: The old man 58 year old Police Headquarters digelandang to resort Wonogiri, Central Java, on Wednesday (24/11), because it violated his neighbors who are still sitting in high school. AW berinisial actors desperate because you do not violate NF sacrifice strength up lust.

All this performer desires wreak bejatnya AW freely because threatening the victims. As a result, the sacrifice, even a quiet moment by the performer himself dinimkati. But AW depraved action after finding the performer known citizens and victims out of the house at midnight. Time, the perpetrators violated victims.

Do not wait too long, direct people to the police station mengelandang actors. AW admitted to having rape victims four times. The action performed on an empty home in the living sister traveled. In addition to a threat, the performer gave money to victims shut over for the making. Now the actor threatened the prison sentence of 12 years.

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