Monday, 1 August 2011

Nazri Azia and Son Picture Scandal

Is it just a coincidence that when this blog post controversial pictures relating to Malaysian politicians it is block by Blogger? It would be nice if Blogger/Google actually send an email saying why they keep blocking the blog after interesting pictures relating to Malaysian politicians are posted. If the GutterUncensored.comis not being constantly block because of controversial pictures relating to Malaysian politicians, Blogger/Google should say what is that reason. They have the admin email to do so. And as for those Malaysian politicians that are behind the bullshit, screw you. Below are a few pictures sent in by a contributor several months ago and are said to be of Nazri Aziz in a compromising position with a young woman that may or may not be his wife. These pictures were lost in 300 gigs of files but since the blog was blocked we had some time to search for them. You assholes pressure Blogger again to blocked this blog you will just be giving the authors of this blog more free time to search for more things you might not like. The othercompromising position pictures were included in the same submitted set of Nazri Aziz with the young woman on top of him but the contributor did not say who they are. The photos below those are a few the drunken and womanizing pictures of sons of the Malaysian politicians that I think cause the the site to be blocked two days ago. I think Nazri Aziz‘s has a better taste for girls than his father but to each his own. DON’T FUCK WITH THE GUTTER UNCENSORED. Why you think Edison Chen left this blog alone? That Edison Chen is a very smart man, too bad the politicians in Malaysia are idiots. Pussy loving, whore fucking, secret mistress having rich men but still idiots. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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