Saturday, 30 July 2011

Couple make llove at Bukit Timah Hill in broad d

SOME people literally go au naturel and do what comes naturally when they are in the presence of Mother Nature, says STOMPer Prometheus.

He was referring to photos he received via email purportedly showing what a couple did when they did a walkabout at Bukit Timah Hill. Not only did they treat the nature reserve like a nudist colony by going in the buff, they also made passionate love there, in broad daylight.

Prometheus says he can't verify other details but points out that the photos look authentic. The couple is a Chinese couple who looks "local", although they could be Malaysian too, he says.

Who took the photos is another issue, Prometheus adds. It could be the work of a nature photography buff who had humans instead of birds and insects in the focus of his lens. Or he could well be a voyeur.

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